List of Slovak official interpreters registered in this directory

súdny preklad

Not every official (court) translator is also an official interpreter. On this page you will find a list of professionals who, in addition to official translation, also deal with official interpreting. In addition to official translation, they are therefore also authorised to carry out official interpreting. For more information on the scope of practice of official interpreters, please visit the Ministry of Justice website.

You can use the search box to make your search more convenient. For example, you can enter the language you want (“Serbian”, “Polish”, “English”). You can also simply click to sort the table by the regions in which the interpreters work. A complete list of official (court) interpreters can be found on the website of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic.

Note: You can click on the name of the official interpreter to view the profile.

Official (sworn) interpreters

Here you will find all the information you need to contact an official interpreter directly without the need for mediation.
Name & SurnameLanguagesLocationPhoneE-mail
JUDr. Roman DohovičUkrainian / SlovakKošice region (SVK)+421 915 493
Agnes EckardtováCzech, German / SlovakSachsen, Germany049 341 4795
Ing. Perla Farkašová, CSc.English / SlovakBratislava region (SVK)+421 904 897
Mgr. Zlatica JuhásováEnglish / SlovakTrnava region (SVK),
Bratislava region (SVK)
+421 903 467
Ing. Peter KresseGerman / SlovakTrnava region (SVK)+421 903 473
Ana-Daniela LiczencziasRomanian / SlovakBratislava region (SVK)+421 907 399 183
RNDr. Marta LomnickáItalian / SlovakBanská Bystrica region (SVK)+421 903 510
Ing. Elena PelechováRussian / SlovakTrenčín region (SVK)+421 904 895
Ing. Dagmar PrividiEnglish, German / SlovakKošice region (SVK)+421 905 815
PhDr. Andrej Rajský, PhD.Italian / SlovakTrnava region (SVK)+421 903 557
Mgr. Ida SaliniováItalian / SlovakBratislava region (SVK)+421 905 781
PhDr. Emil SamolEnglish, German / SlovakŽilina region (SVK)+421 918 280
Diplom-Sprachmittlerin Birgit StraussGerman, Russian / SlovakGermany0049 521
Mgr. Katarína Výlupok ŠimkoEnglish / SlovakBanská Bystrica region (SVK)+421 905 441
Ing. Štefan Vrátny, BSc, MAEnglish, German / SlovakBratislava region,
Trnava region (SVK)
+421 905 209
PaedDr. Irena TurzováHungarian / SlovakNitra region (SVK)+421 908 712
Mgr. Dana ZeleňákováGerman / SlovakKošice region (SVK)+421 903 630

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