RNDr. Marta Lomnická – official translations and interpreting – Italian / Slovak

Profile of the official translator and/or official interpreter

Address / place of workPieninská 13, 974 11 Banská Bystrica
Phone+421 948 510 190

+421 903 510 190
Interpreting (not official)yes
Price - official translations19,92 €/ normopage
Price - not official translationsby agreement
Price for interpretingby agreement
discountsby agreement

Here you find enough information to order an official or certified translation directly from an official translator. You don’t need an intermediary.

All official translators or interpreters registered in this Directory are entered in the List of Experts, Interpreters and Translators of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic. They are authorised to translate and/or interpret according to Act No 382/2004 of the National Assembly of the Slovak Republic.

The official translation prepared by an official translator will have a round stamp with the state emblem of the Slovak Republic and a translation clause, which is an integral part of every official translation. The certified translation will be bound with a tricolour and sealed.

Take advantage of direct contact with an official translator or interpreter and have a high-quality official translation (certified translation) prepared at a reasonable price!